September 2019

IOF Support for

z/OS V2R4
and Encryption/Compression

Initial z/OS V2.R4 Support
Encryption and Compression Support
New JF (job find) command
RUNIOF command


IOF Maintenance is now available to provide support for  z/OS V2R4.  The latest spin level has this maintenance applied.  The easiest way to add R2V4 support may be to download the latest MPI file and run it.  You can alaternately download the current CUMFIX file and apply all the fixes to provide V2R4 support.

IOF continues to support previous versions of z/OS with the V2R4 maintenance applied.

z/OS Version 2.4 Support

IOF Release 8G with fixes U8G2748 and U8G2750 applied provides support for all releases of z/OS through version 2 release 4.  Release 8G is the only IOF release that runs with z/OS V2R4.

IOF Release 8G provides complete support for 8 byte userids

JES2 Dataset Encryption and Compression Support

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 It has maintenance applied to support JES2 data set encryption and compression.  IOF properly displays encrypted data sets to authorized users, and decompresses compressed data sets. To get this support you must either install the latest MPI file, or download and apply all fixes in the latest  8G CUMFIX file.

JF  (Job Find) Command

The JF (Job Find) command has been added to the new IOF spin level.

Scan a list of jobs (or output groups) using the JF command (or any of the JFx commands below). Scan a single job by using JF onthe Job Summary. Use any valid ISPF FIND parms: jf xxx word 10, etc. You will see a list of "hits" where you can drill down to the specific record that contains a match.

To reduce your search time, before entering your JF command you can limit the Job List by using EXCLUDE commands.  For example,
EXCLUDE JOBNAME NB ABCD (only jobs named ABCD* )
EXCLUDE JOBNAME NC BCD (only job names containing BCD)

Special JF commands:
 JF blarg 10 All sysout and sysin data sets
JFI blarg word Only INPUTJCL and sysin data sets
JFM blarg 5 20 Only Log, JCL, and Messages data sets
JFD sysprint blarg Only sysouts with DD name of SYSPRINT
JFS 10000 blarg Only sysouts with less than 10,000 records

RUNIOF Command

The RUNIOF command is available if you installed IOF by executing the MPI file.  There is no maintenance to add RUNIOF.

RUNIOF lets you run alternate versions of  IOF.  This can be particularily useful for testing new generations of IOF.

RUNIOF has two parameters.  The first parameter is required and is the 3 character IOF version and level to be run.  For example,  RUNIOF 8G3.  The second option parameter is passed to IOF as an initial parameter.



The latest release of IOF is Release 8G. The latest spin level of  IOF Release 8G is 2021278 (October 5, 2021).

  The cumulative fix file (CUMFIX) was also uploaded at the same time.

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