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The IOF products and documentation can be downloaded by FTP from this web site using the FTP command from many platforms, or using your favorite web browser. Some platforms and web browsers require specific options be selected. This page provides assistance with the most common problems.

File Names, Usernames and Passwords

The IOF web site is hosted on a unix system that is case sensitive. If you have trouble downloading or FTPing, be sure the case of all file names, usernames and passwords is correct.


Be sure to specify BINARY format for all file transfers. If you first download from the web site to a PC, this includes file transfer from the PC to OS/390. The MPI files must be transferred without introducing additional characters such as line feed (LF) and carriage return (CR).

FTP Command

The FTP command is host dependent. Specific command syntax will be documented for each host. The basic requirements of all implementations are common. In order to FTP from the IOF web page:


To download from the Netscape browser, click on the appropriate link, supply the download username and password. and then select the "Save..." option.

Problems have been reported with downloading the MPI files from Netscape Version 6.

Internet Explorer

To download from the Internet Explorer Browser, click on the appropriate link, supply the password and then select the "Save..." option.

File Transfer from PC to OS/390

If your OS/390 system has FTP capability to the internet, it is easier to FTP from the web site directly to OS/390. Otherwise, you must FTP to a PC, and then file transfer or FTP from the PC to OS/390. Many different methods exist to do this file transfer.

In all cases the file transfer from the PC to OS/390 must specify BINARY format. Do not specify ASCII, or any combination of line feed (LF) and carriage return (CR). Be sure to pre-allocate the OS/390 dataset with the characteristics shown.

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