Interactive Output Facility
Release 8G

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IOF Release 8G

IOF Release 8G is the current release of IOF/TSO and IOF/CICS.   Release 8G with latest maintenance applied supports all  z/OS releases through z/OS V3R1.

Release 8G is the only IOF release that supports z/OS V2R3 and later releases of z/OS.

The latest release of IOF is Release 8G. The latest spin level of  IOF Release 8G is 2023300 (October 27, 2023).

When installing IOF on a new release of z/OS IOF maintenance is often required, and we recommend creating new installation datasets. It is often easier to do this by downloading and installing the latest MPI file (Spin level) and using the MPI Option 2 to propagate your current IOF Options to the new datasets. To order a new MPI, see
link below: Order Release 8G

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