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IOF Newsletters on a variety of subjects are published here.
Subjects include IOF features, installation, testing and use.
Select a newsletter from the table below.

Announcing IOF Support for z/OS  V2R5 September 2021
Announcing IOF Support JES2 Encryption and Compression November 2020
Announcing IOF Support for z/OS V2R4 September 2019
Announcing IOF Release 8G October 2017
Announcing IOF Release 8F December 2015
IOF Support for z/OS V2R2 October 2015
IOF Support for z/OS V2R1 October 2013
  Announcing Job Archival Made Simple (IOF/JAMS) February 2013
  Announcing IOF Release 8E March 2012
  IOF Support for z/OS V1R13 September 2011
  IOF Support for z/OS V1R12 September 2010
  Announcing IOF Release 8D January 2009
  Managing the IOF Environment October 2007
  Using IOF to Send Job Results via Email September 2007
  Announcing IOF Release 8C March 2007
  Announcing IOF Release 8B   August 2006 
  IOF Use of Adobe Acrobat Reader June 2006
Announcing IOF Release 8 November 2005
Eliminate Local IOF Modifications January 2005
IOF Release 7J June 2004
IOF Release 7H September2002
Handy IOF Features You May Not Know About May 2002
IOF Release 7G September 2001
IOF Maintenance Dialog March 2001
IOF Release 7F January 2001
IOF on IBM SystemPac May 2000
IOF Release 7E Availability February 2000
IOF Release 7E July 1999
Generating IOF for an Updated OS/390 March/April 1999
IOF Load Modules Jan/Feb 1999
Using the ALLOW Dialog to Simplify Building ALLOW and LIMIT Macros December 1998
IOF Rexx/Clist Tutorial, A Job Stream Control System November 1998
IOF Job Archival Facility October 1998
Year 2000 Testing Tips September 1998
IOF Batch Utilities August 1998
IOF 7D SNAP Enhancements June/July 1998
IOF Server May 1998
IOF Diagnostic Tools April 1998
Customizing IOF Panel Formats March 1998
Increase Productivity with IOF/TSO Indexing February 1998
IOF Release 7D Enhancements January 1998
IOF Release 7D Availability December 1997
Sysplex Operlog November 1997
Using IOF 7D for Year 2000 Testing
October 1997
A Simple Job History System
September 1997
IOF Release 7D Early Test Program August 1997
IOF Release 7D Features July 1997
Introduction June 1997

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