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  IOF Support Ends May 31, 2024 To give negotiation time with potential successor Click here for more information  
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IOF is a z/OS  productivity tool that runs in the JES2, TSO and CICS environments on IBM mainframe computers.  End users can conveniently browse and manage their jobs using IOF. Operators can manage all JES2 devices using IOF.  Site managers can completely manage all JES2 resources including spool, devices, MAS members, logs, enclaves, UNIX processes, Health Checker, WLM, nodes and job classes using comprehensive full-screen panels.  For more information, pick a topic from the list above.

To find out more about Triangle System's world-class mainframe
management software, please contact us as shown below:

Phone: (919) 544-0090 Fax: (919) 942-3665

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