Why So Many Companies Worldwide Have Chosen IOF for Mainframe Management


Since 1982 IOF has been providing IBM mainframe management support to leading companies around the globe. This time-tested product has long served as the backbone interface for TSO and CICS users to the basic JES2 features and functions supplied by IBM. The breadth and flexibility of IOF have made it extremely popular with operators, systems programmers, production control facilitators, and applications programmers.
  Here are just a few of the companies that are using IOF to display and control their critical applications and reports.
  Federal Express Citibank VISA Travelers
  Sony Morgan Stanley GEICO Progressive Insurance
  SAS Institute Sears MCI Duke Medical Center
  Wells Fargo Bell South Honda Northrop Grumman
  Siemens Medical Japan Airlines Sungard Lockheed Martin

Management Summary of Unique IOF Features

  • Quick, easy access to the information you need
    • Selection menus to go directly where you need to go
    • Automated analysis of large production jobs

  • Built-in report and spool management applications
    • Automated job archiving and retrieval
    • Sophisticated external writer
    • Flexible spool cleanup utility

  • Easy addition of custom report and JES2 management applications
    • Simple Rexx interface to read and update JES2 information
    • New applications easily built from included samples

  • World class technical support
    • Direct access to experienced personnel
    • Web access to maintenance, bulletin board, and new releases

Detailed List of Unique IOF Features

  • Interface menus in addition to SDSF-like command interface
    • Much easier for new users
    • Helpful for seldom used functions

  • Full-function display containing all jobs submitted by user
    • Single screen view of all important info for all job types
    • Easy to deal with different job types

  • Detailed job analysis display
    • Automatic return code summary
    • Over-typeable menu of sysout data sets

  • Job Archival and Retrieval
    • Periodic and panic offloads
    • Automatic offload when spool is saturated
    • Full-screen interface to retrieve offloaded jobs

  • Spool utilization reporting and control utilities
    • Produce a report of current spool utilization
    • Optionally purge old output
    • Flexible options for output purge selection

  • Flexible external writer
    • Many options for selecting which output to copy
    • Optionally leave output on spool after copy

  • Flexible copying of sysout data to an external data set
    • Complete menu interface available for specifying target
    • Easy to select exactly how much to copy
    • Copy whole jobs, groups or data sets, or a few lines

  • IOF server on a remote machine
    • Perform any IOF
    • Status and browse of remote jobs
    • Control remote printers
    • Remote console
    • Connects to any remote machine using APPC
      • Other machines in the sysplex
      • Any distant machine connected via VTAM

  • Detail device display for any specific JES2 device
    • Single display showing all information for each device
    • Shows information commands valid for that type of device

  • Panel showing why output will not print
    • Immediately diagnose forms, class, size, etc. print problems
    • Separate display for each printer that could select the output

  • Display output queue for a printer
    • Nest to output display from the printer display
    • Optionally display only output that is ready to print

  • Significant event index for the active system log and operlog
    • Two level index of important system events
    • Installation decides which events are indexed

  • Indexed SYSLOG and OPERLOG
    • Time-of-day index
    • Index of other important log events

  • SYSLOG and OPERLOG archival facility
    • Archive to online or offline storage
    • Full-screen selection panel for browsing archived logs

  • Flexible selection options for output
    • Select list of output groups based on age
    • Select list of output groups based on size
    • Exclude command to further refine list

  • Rexx Support
    • Establish an IOF Rexx environment
    • Access JES2 data with Rexx execs
    • Perform all IOF functions in Rexx execs
    • Not dependent on screen display formats

  • Powerful security features
    • Interfaces for RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret
    • Extremely flexible attribute comparisons available
    • Full-screen interface for security maintenance


IOF's ease of use and customization capabilities, combined with its unparalleled programmable interface, has made it an indispensable tool for recognized companies around the world. To top it all off, customer surveys show that the IOF technical support staff continually gets excellent ratings for availability, knowledge, and responsiveness. The bottom line is that IOF's loyal customers understand its significant added value for managing mainframe applications and reports.

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