February 2000

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IOF Release 7E Availability

Release 7E of the Interactive Output Facility (IOF) program product was officially made available for general distribution on February 9, 2000. Shipment of orders for the new release will begin immediately.

Release 7E supports all OS/390 versions from 1.1 through 2.10.

The major new enhancement in Release 7E is support for OS/390 Workload Manager (WLM). IOF 7E detects when the system is running in goal mode, and automatically adapts several panels to display additional WLM fields and provide new WLM related commands. The July 1999 Newsletter describes the enhancements and features of the new release in more detail.

Numerous minor enhancements and fixes are also applied to the new release. The overall look and feel of IOF panels is not changed however, so that user training is not required when installing 7E.

Future newsletters will discuss the enhanced features of the new release in detail.

7E is a normal maintenance release, so there is no additional charge for licensed customers. We realize however that customers must plan the installation of software. For this reason, we require each site to order the new release.

Licensed sites can click here to order the new release interactively.

IOF will soon be available on the IBM SystemPac offering. If you order SystemPac from IBM, you will be able to select IOF to be pre-installed on your system.

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