May 2000

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IOF on IBM SystemPac


SystemPac Overview

IBM offers several delivery vehicles for OS/390 to save customers time and effort in installing and maintaining system related products, including ISV products such as IOF.  Check the IBM CustomPac web page for a full description of CustomPac offerings.

SystemPac is perhaps the most comprehensive of the CustomPac offerings.  Click on "Deliverables" from the CustomPac web page, then select "SystemPac" for IBM's description of the the product.  Note that both IBM and ISV  (Independent Software Vendor) products can be ordered in a single installation package.  IOF is now included as an ISV selectable product.

SystemPac is offered by IBM for a single fixed fee.  Selecting IOF or other ISV products does not increase this fee.

IOF on SystemPac

We are excited that IOF customers and trial customers can now request that IOF be included in their SystemPac order.  IBM will generate and install a running version of IOF.  IOF will be useable as soon as the new SystemPac system is loaded.

The SystemPac delivered version will be generated with a generic set of IOF options.  These options:

The default set of options are sufficient for initial system testing.  Customer SystemPac installers are able to use IOF as soon as the new system is IPLed.   This ability is quite significant because IOF is an essential system tool required  to complete customization and installation of the new SystemPac system.

Ordering IOF on SystemPac

To order IOF on SystemPac, first go to the CustomPac website.  From this site, select your "country", then go to "ordering information".  This will give you the phone number for IBM Sales in that country.   Contact (or have your IBM rep contact)  IBM sales.  The salesperson will go through the shopping list (which will contain ISV and IBM products) with you.

When you select IOF to be installed, IBM will contact us to verify that you are an authorized customer or trial customer.  Trial customers should contact IOF sales for their country before ordering IOF on SystemPac from IBM.

The final list of IBM and ISV  products will be custom configured by IBM.

IOF Customization

While the default IOF options are adequate for initial system testing, most customers will require that local options be applied before it can be used in a production system.  The easiest and quickest way to apply local options is to download the latest version of IOF from this web page and re-install the new MPI file.  SystemPac ships level zero (IOFT8C0) of  IOF..  You can install a level 1  (IOFT8C1) from your previous version of IOF and run it in parallel with the shipped level 0.  Level 1 will have your installation options applied.


The SystemPac  delivery vehicle for OS/390 systems and associated IBM and ISV products now offers  IOF as a selectable option.   IOF is delivered in a fully operational state with default options applied.  .

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