January 2001
(Updated March 2001)

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IOF Release 7F



Release 7F of the Interactive Output Facility (IOF) program product was made generally available on March 6, 2001. The new release is a full maintenance release of IOF/TSO and IOF/CICS. It incorporates all available IOF corrective maintenance.

Release 7F is year 2000 compliant. There are no known date related problems associated with running release 7F. It supports all OS/390 releases and z/OS1.1.   Release 7F is also being positioned to support later releases of z/OS.

Improved IOF Packaging and Installation

IOF 7F has been packaged into a self contained Mainframe Product Install (MPI) file. This file can be downloaded from the web page via FTP directly to your MVS system or PC. The MPI file will also be available on a CD if you prefer not to download from the web page.

The MPI file is a completely self contained installation dialog. The IOF distribution datasets are imbedded within the MPI file in terse format.

Execute the MPI file from ISPF option 6 to initiate the installation dialog. The installation dialog prompts you for a few installation parameters, such as the name of your existing IOF OPTIONS dataset. Then, it proceeds to extract the IOF distribution datasets.

If IOF is currently running at the site, most of the members from your existing 7D or 7E IOF OPTIONS dataset are copied to the new 7F OPTIONS dataset. A list of copied options and a description of changed options that were not copied is saved in member $COPYLOG of the 7F OPTIONS dataset.

A simple "TO DO" list is compiled and saved in the 7F INSTALL dataset. This list describes all the steps required to complete the 7F installation. Normally, all that is required is a review of a few options followed by running three IOF INSTALL jobs. The whole process should require no more than an hour to complete.

We believe that this new distribution procedure will greatly simplify the IOF Installation process. However, IOF 7F will continue to be available on tape in the conventional format.

Improved Maintenance Procedures

A new maintenance dialog is provided with IOF 7F to completely manage and install product maintenance.

The dialog "receives" compressed cumulative maintenance files which will be downloadable from the web. The cumulative maintenance file is expanded into individual fixes which are copied to the 7F UPDATES dataset.

The dialog can then "apply" maintenance from the UPDATES dataset. A list of all available fixes is displayed. Individual fixes can be selected to be applied from the list. All IOF maintenance including SUPERZAPs are applied by the dialog.

The dialog maintains a menu of all received IOF fixes and the status of each fix. The receive date, and apply date/time are displayed for each fix. This makes it easy to determine exactly what maintenance has been applied to the system. Fixes are selected from this menu to be applied.

Logs of all maintenance dialog sessions are maintained. The combination of session logs and the fix menu provides complete information about all available fixes.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Several miscellaneous enhancements have been added to 7F to satisfy customer requests. These include:

SUBMIT Command

The SUBMIT line command (abbreviated SUB) has been added to the Job List Menu to re-submit jobs. SUBMIT rebuilds and re-submits jobs on the queue in the original format, with the exception that passwords are not supplied.

The SUBMIT primary command on the Job Summary Panel performs the same function as the Job List Menu SUBMIT line command.

Service Class Change

The service class field for input jobs can now be changed by overtyping when operating in WLM goal mode.

Additional Options

Several new parms can now be specified as options in 7F. These changes will significantly reduce the effort required to maintain compatibility between IOF releases. The options were applied in prior releases as fixes. The IOF installation procedures automatically apply options from an earlier release to a new release.

New options include:

7E Maintenance

All IOF 7E maintenance has been applied to 7F. Installing release 7F is a quick way bring your 7D or 7E IOF up-to-date with all available maintenance.

Beta Test

The beta test program for Release 7F has been completed.

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