Eliminate Local IOF Modifications

January 2005

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Do you have local IOF mods?

Do you really know?

They may not be supported in future releases of IOF

Note:  The IOFAUDIT command is incorporated into release 8A to provide auditing function.  For release 8A and later, enter IOFAUDIT on the IOF Option Menu and follow the prompts to run the audit.


Why this is important to you.

Your usage of IOF may depend on local modifications made by your staff to distributed IOF components.   Some of those components may become obsolete due to significant architectural changes that have become necessary for us to maintain IOF and deliver new function in a reasonable time frame.  So it is imperative that you identify and eliminate IOF modifications now

What if you really need these modifications?

Over time IOF has provided an extensive set of installation options to provide the same functionality as the modifications that many customers have made to IOF.  In virtually every case there are options available that can be used to replace your local IOF modifications.

What if you donít have time to worry about this right now?

We have developed a simple audit tool to identify your IOF local mods.  Downloading and running this tool takes only a few minutes.   Once the audit results have been returned to us, we will be able to recommend ways to accomplish the same objectives without source modifications. 

The audit can be run in less than 5 minutes and produces a simple audit report to be returned to us by email or FTP.  It is important that you download and  run the audit as soon as possible!

Download and Run the Audit Program

IOFAUDIT is now an IOF command.  To run:

IOF Option Menu
Follow the prompts
At the end you will have instructions to attach the audit report to an email and send it to IOF Technical Support

If You Need Help

Please contact IOF Technical Support if you have any questions or problems getting the IOF audit MPI file, running the procedure, or sending us the report data set. 

The information contained in the report data set is essential to IOF development to allow us to make improvements to the product with minimal impact on our installed product base.

Triangle Systems, Inc. PO Box 12752, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709