February 2013


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Job Archival Made Simple


The IOF Job Archival Made Simple (IOF/JAMS) package provides the ability to save JES2 jobs into z/OS data sets in a way that they can easily be retrieved for browsing or printing.  Browsing an archived job looks very much like browsing a job in IOF, including a Job Summary display that lets you browse or print individual sysout data sets.  IOF/JAMS is fully incorporated into the current spin level of IOF Release 8E.

IOF/JAMS system is very simple because it requires no complex data base, proprietary data format, or specialized security protocols.  A user is allowed to review or delete an archived job if they have the appropriate security system access to the archive data set for that job.  The archive data sets can also be browsed directly with ISPF browse.

 Major features include:

  • End user ability to easily archive important jobs they need to keep
  • Bulk archival for production jobs
  • Archival data set management
  • Simplicity of archiving each job to an individual  z/OS PDS
  • Support for IBM terse
  • Browsing archived jobs looks like IOF
  • Archive Job Summary shows all job steps and data sets
  • Support for archiving both Jobs and Groups

To install IOF/JAMS, you must be running the latest spin level of IOF/8E or later  (Spin 2013144 or later) .     Click here to order or download the latest version of IOF.

Click here for more information about IOF/JAMS.

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