July 1997

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IOF Release 7D Features

IOF Release 7D will soon be available! The first beta test version was sent to customers on June 18. If beta testing progresses as we expect, 7D for TSO should be available for customer shipment by the end of summer. IOF/CICS releases normally are about 6 weeks to 2 months behind the comparable TSO release. Check the August Newsletter for more current information.

The major new features of 7D are summarized below. A more detailed description follows the summary.

Sysplex Server

  • View running jobs on another CPU
  • Browse running Sysout on another CPU
  • Control JES2 devices attached to another CPU
  • Manage all JES2 Sysplex resources from a single CPU
  • Allow only authorized users to access other machines

Sysplex Operations Support

  • View MAS Display of all JES2 systems
  • Browse Operlog for entire Sysplex

Syslog Archival and Management

  • Archive Syslog data to disk
  • Select archived logs from full-screen menu

APPC Transaction Management

  • Display/Cancel running APPC transactions
  • Browse/Purge APPC transaction output

Year 2000 Support

  • Display all years as 4 digits
  • Provide Year 2000 Compliance

Snap Data Enhancements

  • Set user profile defaults for snap-to-disk (SD) attributes
  • Compress snapped data with the Pack option
  • Specify, display, or modify all JES2 output descriptors
  • Specify Dataclas, Storclas, and Mgmtclas for snap data sets
  • Add your own text and block headers to snap data sets

Additional Enhancements

More detailed information is included below about some of the major new features.

Sysplex Server

Some IOF functions must be done on a specific CPU. For example, displaying CPU time and IO time used for running jobs, or displaying the current status of printers can only be done from the CPU on which the job or printer is active.

IOF 7D supports a sysplex server. The IOF server runs as an APPC transaction. An interactive IOF session is the client. Users can access the server session on another CPU via the new "AT" command. AT starts a server IOF session on another CPU. The server screens and services duplicate the IOF screens and services available on the local CPU. Servers can be on another machine in the sysplex, and can also be on a remote CPU connected only via VTAM.

Server access is controlled by the installation, either with ALLOW macros, or with the security system.

Sysplex Operations Support

The new MAS panel displays detailed information about every active member of the Multiple Access Spool System.

--------------------------- IOF JES2 System Display ----------( 32 )-----------
COMMAND ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> CURSOR
TSI1         27    2000    1374    3000    1876
_    1 TSI1          ACTIVE          1     3.92      800      805     120
_    2 TSI2          DRAINED         2                          0
_    3 TSI3          DRAINED         3                          0

Syslog Archival and Management

The new SLAMARCH command archives the system log to disk and manages the archived copies. Syslog data can be packed using the ISPF editor pack technique. Entering "L ARCH" causes the following menu to be displayed. Archived logs can be selected for browse from this menu.

---------------------IOF Syslog Archival Selection Panel---------- Row 1 of 13
COMMAND ===>                                                 Scroll ===> PAGE

 The most recent archived syslog is sorted to the top of the screen.
 Enter the S line command to select an archived syslog data set.

Cmd---Actn--Day--Mo/Da/Year---Time-----System ID-----------End date and time---
 _          Sun  06/08/1997  00:01       TSI1              06/09/1997  00:01
 _          Sat  06/07/1997  00:01       TSI1              06/08/1997  00:01
 _          Fri  06/06/1997  00:01       TSI1              06/07/1997  00:01
 _          Thu  06/05/1997  00:01       TSI1              06/06/1997  00:01
 _          Wed  06/04/1997  09:06       TSI1              06/05/1997  00:01
 _          Wed  06/04/1997  00:01       TSI1              06/05/1997  08:37
******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

Customizing Panel Formats

Users now can customize their own panels with the CUT, PASTE and ARRANGE commands. Panel changes are saved in the users profile. In the simplest case, the user enters "CUT" and points the cursor to a field to be moved. Entering "PASTE" with the cursor pointed to the desired field destination relocates the field to the new position.

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