Support for Obsolete IOF Releases


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Select the Virtual Help Desk for assistance in dealing with a wide variety of installation and maintenance issues.

IOF releases earlier then release 7H do not run with currently supported versions of z/OS.  All existing maintenance for these releases can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate release below.  We can no longer run a version of z/OS prior to V1R4, so are unable to develop any new maintenance for these obsolete releases.

IOF 8C is the current release of  IOF

Virtual Help Desk
IOF Release 7J maintenance
IOF Release 7H maintenance
IOF Release 7G maintenance
IOF Release 7F maintenance
IOF Release 7E maintenance
IOF Release 7D maintenance
Send problem to IOF Technical Support via email

Triangle Systems, Inc. PO Box 12752, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709