October 2015


IOF Support
z/OS V2R2
IOF Release 8E Spin Level 2015275

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IOF spin level 2015275  provides support for IOF to run under z/OS V2R2.    The new 8E MPI file is supported on all versions of z/OS currently supported by IBM, and should run with older z/OS versions.  The new spin level is currently available to be downloaded.  Any subsequent 8E spin levels will also support V2R2.

IOF Release 8F will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.  8F supports z/OS V2R2 as well.  It also has many additional significant new features.  If you will not install z/OS V2R2 immediately you may prefer to wait for IOF Release 8F.

The changes to the new MPI will not be noticed externally by users.

IOF Maintenance to Support z/OS 2.2

The latest IOF 8E  CUMFIX file also contains all the required maintenance to support z/OS 2.2.  If you ae currently running IOF spin level 2013316 you can apply all available maintenance on the CUMFIX file to support z/OS V2R2.  The CUMFIX file will not provide 2.2 support when applied to earlier IOF spin levels.   Enter VERSION ALL on any IOF panel to determine your spin level. 

We recommend that you install the new 2015275 MPI  spin level to get 2.2 support.  But if you decide to apply maintenance, we recommend that you apply all the available fixes.  In order to run under z/OS 2.2 you must install at least the following fixes to spin level 2013316:

     U8E2599   U8E2609   U8E2625   U8E2630   U8E2636

Installing the New MPI File

To install the new version, download the latest IOF/8E spin level MPI file and install it.  Click here to order or download the latest spin level.


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