August 1997

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IOF Release 7D Early Test Program

The first beta test versions of IOF 7D were shipped to customers on June 18, 1997. Each beta site was chosen because of its interest in one or more of the new features of 7D as described in the July 1997 newsletter. Features generating the highest interest are:

  • Sysplex server

    This is a totally new function for IOF. Several omissions in documentation have been discovered and fixed. Valuable experience has been gained in using and controlling the server environment with various security systems.

    Based on the beta test results, additional error checking and diagnostic capabilities have been developed and added to the server function.

  • Year 2000 Support

    No problems have been reported with year 2000 support.

  • APPC transaction management

    7D provides the best method available to identify and manage running and output APPC transactions. One beta site installed 7D just to use this feature on a production system.

  • SNAP data set enhancements

    Reports have been quite positive regarding the SNAP enhancements in 7D.

  • IP destination support

    We are still waiting on feedback on the IP DEST support.

  • Operlog facility

    The 7D Operlog facility is not yet available in the beta release.


Changes to the Install Guide are almost complete. Additions and changes to the User Guide are being made, but several weeks of additional work will be required to finish this project. Panel formats in both the User Guide and in Online Help still need to be updated.

Availability of 7D

Beta testing of 7D has been slowed somewhat by the summer vacation season. There is no specific general availability date. 7D will be released as soon as we are satisified that it performs properly and will not cause a maintenance problem for customers. It is safe to say that 7D will not be released officially before the end of September 1997.

Additional Beta Test Sites

Additional beta test sites are needed. If you are interested in one or more of the 7D functions, we encourage you to consider becoming a test site. 7D runs in parallel with your existing 7C version of IOF and requires minimal effort to install. If you are interested in participating in our beta program, send a note to:

Triangle Systems, Inc. PO Box 12752, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Email IOFTech@Triangle-Systems.Com