October 2013


IOF Support
z/OS V2R1
IOF Release 8E Spin Level 2013316

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IOF spin level 2013316  provides support for IOF to run under z/OS V2R1.    The new 8E MPI file is supported on all versions of z/OS currently supported by IBM, and should run with older z/OS versions.  The new spin level is currently available to be downloaded.  Any subsequent 8E spin levels will also support V2R1.

Several JES2 and z/OS control blocks were modified by IBM version 2.1 code.  IOF automatically adapts to  the version of z/OS for which it was generated and adjusts itself to run with that version.   Most of the changes to the new MPI will not be noticed externally by users.

Eight Character Job Class

IOF now supports the new JES2 8-character JOB class when running under z/OS 2.1. The CLASS field was enlarged on the IOF Job List Menu for input jobs, Job Class Display, the System Monitor and the Initiator Display. The Job class fields on Job Receivers and Transmitters for both Offload and NJE devices were also enlarged. These changes will be seen by observant users.

IOF/JAMS Archival System

The new MPI also includes the IOF/JAMS archival system. IOF/JAMS is documented in the February 2013 Newsletter.  All current IOF/JAMS maintenance is pre-applied to the new MPI.

IOF 8E Features

The new MPI represents an ugraded level of IOF release 8E.  All the features described in the 8E announcement newsletter are available in the new MPI. This includes:

  • Email interface for z/OS
  • Enhanced SEND for emailing output
  • Additional support for OPERLOG
  • Detailed Screen Capture
  • Significant SNAP enhancements
  • Enhanced Rexx features

To install the new version, download the latest IOF/8E spin level MPI file and install it.  (Spin 2013316 or later)  If you are currently running IOF Release 8E you can install the new spin  as a new IOF/8E level and run it in parallel with your current production version.  Spin levels earlier than 2013316 will not run with z/OS V2R1. Click here to order or download the latest spin level.


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